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Welcome to our website!

We have been very busy over the past year expanding our IPTV and Digital Signage technology offerings as well as adding new features to our solutions for 2013 and look forward to showing you what we have to offer.

If you have any questions about any of our solutions and products that are not covered on our website, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

What We Do...

DMM Version 2.0 now in closed beta
March 2013
After 9 months of hard work by our dedicated development department and UX designers we are getting close to being able to unveil our brand new interface and feature set to our cus...
New Signapps STB Launched
February 2013
After successful trials of our new Signapps STB we are now pleased to add SA110 to our product line. This powerful new device running Google Chrome allows us to leverage the best H...
VivoTV gets a new form factor
November 2012
Due to advances in external tuners and cooling we have now reduced the size of all our new VivoTV servers from 4U down to 1U. This saves precious rack space in your cabinets and in...
Learn more about VivoTV our television over IP system solution (IPTV) and how it can help you. Used in managed accommodation, hotels, student halls and leisure facilities across the UK and Europe, find out why VivoTV is the right solution to your environment.
Utilise the power of Signapps, our digital signage solution, to generate revenue. Signapps gives you the power to add value to public areas as well as providing your customers with an enhanced, personalised experience without losing the simplicity of traditional TV.
With our solutions you never have to be one of the crowd. Our team of interface designers will be happy to design unique, customised menu portals as well as digital signage screens to fulfil your requirements. Let vivo give you an interface with the WOW factor.
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